The Best Car Seat Strollers for Travelling Band Members

babytransitPeople who organize functions like birthdays, weddings and other types of events need to hire bands to provide some form of entertainment for their guests. Bands are always on the go, and they need to be in different locations to make money and attend gigs. If you are a musician and you forgot to hire a nanny for the night when you have to go to an event, you might have to consider taking your baby with you. Most bands have a van provided to take them places, and you can take advantage of a travel system or a stroller that can slide onto a car seat.

There are plenty of manufacturers and types of strollers. If you are already shopping for one, and you want help in making a decision, here are some of the best convertible car seat strollers available in the market today.

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30, Foxy

This is one of Europe’s top brand, and they are committed to improving their products especially when they make it for babies and toddlers. The top rated product for Chicco is the Cortina Keyfit 30 car seat which is also used for Chicco Strollers. The strollers that come with this travel system has both full recline and memory recline capabilities. It also has all wheel suspension, a great basket for storage and rear brakes. For accessories, you get to enjoy the parent and child cup holders as well as the 5-point harness that is very good for securing your child’s safety. The material used for this product is EPS, which is an energy absorbing foam. The car seat base has dual level indicators as well as a one pull latch to tighten it.

Graco FastAction Fold, Sport Stroller Click Connect, Tangerine

This is another well-known company that is popular for its baby product line. It has been around for more than five years, and because they are very good at what they do, they fast became one of the best companies that people look to for baby products. They recently released a three wheel traveler called the Graco FastAction Fold Sport Stroller which features multiple recline adjustments. It also has a big storage basket that has a rear pouch which expands when you need space for more things. The best part is that it comes with a good quality car seat called the Snugride Click Connect 35 and is also made with energy absorbing foam. If you are concerned about your child’s safety, you can also count on the 5-point harness as well as the level indicators that it provides.

Britax B-Agile and B-Safe, Black

Britax is another company that is a pioneer of child safe products. They are considered as one of the top companies that manufacture strollers and travel systems. This company is already expanding and becoming bigger everyday. The proof of this is that they purchased the company called BOB. The Britax B-Agile and B-Safe are also made with energy absorbing foam as well as 5-point harness for safety, and it’s also certified safe for air travel.

Can Bikes be a Suitable Mode of Transportation for Band Members?

homefitnessintelBand members are always on call because they need to go to different locations for gigs to play in different events to make money. Bands usually have a service van that takes them where they need to be. However, not all bands are fortunate enough to get a driver and a van to take them around so they need a different mode of transportation that will work for them.

Some musicians tend to use a bike as their main mode of transportation. It may sound weird and not a lot of musicians—or people—will go for it because it’s not that comfortable to ride a bike while carrying your equipment with you. If you are a musician and you are considering using a bike as your mode of transportation, here are some good reasons why you should go through with it.

Environment friendly

Bikes don’t need gas or oil to run, and this makes it very environment-friendly. Most environmentalists ride bikes just to make a point that it’s the best way to get rid of pollution. Aside from combatting pollution, cycling is also a good way to lessen traffic. Everyone knows that traffic is bad everywhere you go because a lot of people already own cars and use them. One person riding a bicycle is one less car on the road which is a big thing.

Saves a lot of money

Since you don’t need gas for a bike and will solely rely on your legs to get you to get you to places, you will find that you are going to save a lot of money. Another good thing about riding bikes instead of cars is the maintenance that you put into it. Cars need a lot of money to be maintained and most cyclists can maintain their bikes at the comfort of their homes. Once you make the change, you will find that you have already saved so much money from not buying fuel and not paying to get your oil changed among other things. Once you take a look at the savings that you’ve made, you will probably not want to go back to driving your car and always ride your bike instead.

Good exercise

Okay, so you’re all about comfort, and you want to ride your car instead of using a bike which is less comfortable and tiring. The question that you need to ask is if it gives you enough exercise to begin with. Cycling helps you sweat a lot which is a good indication that you are getting enough exercise to be healthier. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone when you ride a bike and need to get to a certain location ASAP.


Last but not the least, riding a bike is fun, and that’s why most people do it as a hobby. If you are looking for something to help you stay fit and provide entertainment, cycling is the best solution for you. But of course it’s not really applicable for everyone. Especially when you need to travel as a group. In this case, get the exercise you need by using home fitness equipment like exercise bikes. There are different machines to choose from. Visit Home Fitness Intel to get more information.

What to Look for in a Band Rehearsal Studio

airconditionerlabBands need a good amount of time to practice to make sure that they give their best in all of their performances. There are many band rehearsal studios available everywhere, and bands are free to have their pick. Rehearsal studios usually ask for an hourly fee, and if you only need to practice a few songs every week, that’s long enough for you.

However, if you play major gigs, you may need a few more hours to get your act together. Renting rehearsal studios can also be a bit expensive if you need to do it a few times a week, so most bands look for a place where they get their money’s worth. Although there are regulations as to what band rehearsal studios should include with their fee, some places are better than the other so you need to really look for the best one. If you are a new band and you don’t have any idea what to look for in a studio, here are some tips that might help you.


Rehearsal studios should include equipment that musicians need to practice such as amps, microphones, earphone and cables. Some studios also include drumsets because it’s hard for the practicing drummer to bring his kit. There are other equipment that are available in rehearsal studios and you have to ask the sound engineer for assistance.

Proper Ventilation and Air conditioning

Anyone would be more productive and feel more comfortable when working in a properly ventilated room with good air conditioning. A humid rehearsal studio can bring fatigue to the band members which can lead to non-productive work. A good air conditioner works great with a studio rehearsal room because it’s completely sealed tight. A cool atmosphere will always help inspire musicians to perform better or come up with good songs. Some studios don’t have centralized air conditioners. You may try asking if they can provide portable air conditioners. You can learn more about the best portable air conditioners at

Good sound-proofing

There are many ways to sound proof a room and this is essential for all band rehearsal studios. This is to ensure that the music recorded or not, does not escape and the musicians hear it well at all times. It’s also to ensure that there is not too much noise coming from one room that can disturb those in another room. A band rehearsal can really be loud at time especially if the band is playing rock music so there are regulations when it comes to sound proofing each room. This can range from using egg trays to having advanced technology for soundproofing.

In the end, the best rehearsal studio is where you feel most comfortable practicing in. It doesn’t really need to have the best equipment and sound proof technology but comfort is a big factor. Being comfortable in a place where you do your work will not only raise your productivity rate but also make your work feel, look and sound better. This is why air conditioning is a must in all rehearsal studios. If you are looking at a studio without any air conditioner present, you better think twice about renting it.